Sly Streams App  for Any Android Device


First you need to uninstall any Smarters or Smarters Pro apps from the device. To download the app either click the link below, if you are already on the device you wish to install on, or type the link in to the web brower of the device. It will then automactically download.

We strongly advise you use a VPN with any IPTV service. It is now law in the UK that any of the big 6 internet providers block IPTV while big football games are on, which effects all channels. It is best to set one up now and save yourself the hassle at the time, if you provider decides to block you from viewing our service. 


You may have luck with one of the free ones or you might find it stops it working at all, until you turn it off. You are better off paying a small fee for a much better and faster service from one like IPVanish or Digibit.


We can not give advise on this as we are not in a country where one is required to test them 

For Firestick, Nvidia or FireTV devices it is a different setup. See their guide in the setup tab above.


Once installed open the Sly Streams app

Enter the username = provided in the email.​

Enter the password  = provided in the email

then LOGIN

If see any error message​

"Invalid Username or password"

 then you have type something wrong,

Do NOT email us saying you are getting this error.

The login you was emailed is generated by the server and is always correct, and always works

If you see error message​

"Error code : on Failure"​

then the device has no internet connection"