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This page is a place you can see any news or updates about the server status, app and firmware issues, setup changes, blocks, reboots, or any problems in general, and what to do about them.

If you can't find the info on this page, in the setup pages, or troubleshooting pages then I don't know the answer. Please reserve emailing for renewals, checking expiry dates, or lost passwords. I will not be able to provide info that isn't already on this website.

Current info you need to know

Service Restore Guide



What happened?

Despite not being subject to UK copyright laws, and being licensed sellers in the country we reside in, Sky UK have managed to convince the server hosting companies we use to shut all of our servers down, due to a lack of investigation into the facts on their part.

What's next?

All subscriptions are back up and have been moved to a service that follows the law more carefully, and offers a completely secure and encrypted service, to prevent this in the future.


This created some downtime but we are now back up and running complete, and requires you to set up your devices again with the new app or details below.

For your log in details please refer to where you kept them safe, as instructed on purchase, or simply type "IPTV" into the search of your email client, as we title every email like this. 

Please only request you login in as the last restore, it creates hundreds of man-hours of work, we just don't have the manpower to do at the moment.

This server is still under construction and we are aware of a lot of content, especially VOD still isn't working. 

The whole team is working hard to restore it all, but this amount of content takes time to build.

Please refresh regularly to see repaired content.

Thank you for your patients and I will be posting all new setups on this page shortly. 

Yours sincerely 

Nomad Streams Team