Do you want to become a reseller and brake free from the 9-5, or just earn an bit of extra income?


With a large return on your investment this is a great way to do it.

Just buy a minimum of 120 credits for £240.

£200 when topping up.

Each credit costs £2

1 Month = 1 Credit

3 Months = 3 Credits

6 Months = 6 Credits

12 Months = 12 Credits

Each extra device you add for multiroom is half price

The panel to issue subscriptions is then free when buying 120 Credits.

Example 1 month subscription = £15 

1 month cost to reseller = £2.00

Profit = £13.00

12 month subscription = £60

12 month cost to reseller = £24

Profit = £36

Cost per credit is even lower on your second top up and there for after.


You can also buy a Smarters app with your branded on, just like the SlyStreams app for £75, with the URL portal embedded in to the app for you, making it easier to set up for your customers.


You will require your own portal URL,

which is £25, and we will setup that up for you. 

This way if any other sellers portal gets blocked if will not effect yours.

Once you have made a sale it's very quick and simple to setup the subscription. Just go to your new Xtream codes panel, login, select "Create New line" or Extend line", enter the username, select how many months you have sold, select the credits you are spending, and it creates the subscription and generates a password for you. 

Then simply give the login details to the customer to setup their device.

All devices are supported and we don't reveal any m3u, and with your own portal URL this makes it a much more secure system from hacks or blocks.

Thanks! Message sent.