NomadQ3 App

For all Android devices, Amazon, Nvidia and Formuler Z

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Step 1
On the device screen navigate to the settings.


Step 2
Scroll through the options and choose device or Security & Restrictions, this option has different names on different devices.


Step 3
Now chose developer options, if you have this option. 


Step 4
Select "Apps from Unknown Sources" or " Verify Apps" and turn the option to on.


Step 5
Exit out to the home screen


Step 6

For Firestick on the home screen navigate to the top of the screen where the menu options are and choose search, the little magnifying glass, and install it.

For Android download the Downloader app from the Play Store or if you can't download this app, you can type the link below in any web browser.

Step 7
Open the Downloader app, or web browser, click in the URL bar and type the link below. 



Click Go, and the app will then download and you can then install it


Step 8
Open the JDQ app after it's installed, and enter the login details you received by email after ordering.

Step 9

In the menu of the app go to My Settings, Select Player, and select VLC Player to get all the function you will need. 

Please note 4K movies will only play on 4K devices.

If you already have a subscription and the username is your email address then you can already use this app. You can also run the Q app and any other app we offer on the same devise at the same time with only one sub.