Setting up all Zgemma's, VU+ or any Enigma2 based device.

To install our IPTV channels/bouquets you will need to install the Xtream Editor plugin to your device and send use the code it displays.

 This will work for any Enigma2 based like Zgemma and VU+ etc and is free, unlike Xtream Editor. 

If you are still on iPad or openATV I would advise flashing to Wooshbuild, as they are quite buggy and freeze a lot. This is not necessary but definitely the best setup.

Wooshbuild take many attempts to complete the setup, but well worth it once it's done. It has a bad habit of going round and round the setup but will do it eventually. You will need it to be connected to the router, by an Ethernet cable, it will not work by WiFi.

It is also crucial that you first download EPGimporter from menu/plugins/extensions before installing Jedi, or you will not see the option in sources when trying to download the EPG data.

You can download it here

For a guide on how to flash to Wooshbuild click here 

Setting up all Zgemma's, VU+ or any Enigma2 based device.


How to setup Xtream Editor ​

Press Menu on the remote​

Select Plugins​

Press green to download​

Select extensions​

Scroll down to Xtream Editor

(This is in alphabetic order)​

Install Xtream Editor​

Once installed open Xtream Editor


You will now see a letter and number code under the barcode.​

Please reply to the setup email, we sent you, with this code so we can add you to the server.

​The username password details are purely sent so you know them to extend or renew them in the future. We will set them up for you. 

​Once you receive confirmation it has been added press yellow to install bouquets.

​Once you see a message on the screen confirm the bouquets have been installed press blue to install the EPG.

​When the EPG and Picons have finished downloading press green to save.

​If anything is missing when you now go to the EPG please restart the GUI.

​Your VOD and Catchup will be in the VOD and new XE VOD and catchup plugins.